There are still some great Simpsons episodes from after the golden age. At the beginning of the episodes it wasn't that dark, till when the Bart loses the game. Moaning Lisa, 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky, Lisa's Substitute. He was introduced as a no-nonsense character for the ever-desperate Principal Skinner to bounce off of whenever Bart caused chaos. The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 17: The Good, the Sad and the Drugly Summary: Bart resorts to being a good Samaritan to win the affections of a 5th grade girl named Jenny. Most tearjerking moment: When the Leftorium fails and Flanders is forced to sell his house, Homer feels guilty and rounds up every single left-handed person in Springfield. Sad Simpsons episodes are a crucial part of the show. Most tearjerking moment: After studying harder than ever, Bart scores a 59 and still fails. This is the one where: Bart has to pass a history test or else he'll repeat the fourth grade. Let's remember these impactful Simpsons moments, and recall why we first fell in love with Springfield's most dysfunctional family. This is the one where: Homer tells the kids the story of Maggie's conception, which was an accident, and how he and Marge adjusted to the surprise. The Simpsons is an Emmy Award-, Annie Award- and Peabody Award-winning animated comedy. Mr. Burns hands him a plaque reading "Don't forget, you're here forever," which Homer creatively edits using pictures of his beloved new daughter. I was ugly crying the entire time. In that episode, what made it dark was when, it first started, the four ganger boys, started singing Bart stings. That one really hit me as a child. “Take My Life, Please” 1. Bart declares that there is no such thing as a soul, and to prove it, he sells it to Milhouse for $5, in the form of a piece of paper that has 'Bart Simpson's soul' written on it. Bart ends up being estranged from his mother when he gets caught, and fearing that he has lost her love, he decides he must regain it. Most tearjerking moment: When Rabbi Krustofsky finally accepts his son's profession and the two hug during a live taping of Krusty's show. It’s so bad. I couldn't believe how mean-spirited the writers made Marge in this episode. Ralph bawls his eyes out in fear, and when Chief Wiggum returns to the car, Bart hisses and vanishes into the misty night. Lisa Gets an "A", A Star is Torn, Lisa's Rival, Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington. He even po… This man deserves a life of success and happiness, but when he must work alongside Homer at the power plant, he loses his grip on reality. Several episodes featuring Krusty have been very well received. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Rather than a funny button, the episode ends with Homer sitting on his cars watching the night sky. Lisa must find a way to get medical attention for him without losing her reputation as a good babysitter. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! The later seasons of The Simpsons receive a lot of criticism but there are occasionally some bright moments. 9. The Top 30 Simpsons Episodes. Most episodes of The Simpsons center on a member of the titular family — foolish Homer, optimistic Marge, troublemaker Bart, or conscientious Lisa. By the end of the day, he had bankrupted his brother's business and drank all of the remaining inventory. this comes in at #2 on the list, if I were ranking these episodes based on levels of realism, this would top the list. This is the one where: Homer is reunited with his mother, who he thought had died when he was a kid. Whether the episodes focus on the gluttonous eating habits of Homer Simpson, the show's anti-paterfamilias; Bart, the ever-mischievous son and most popular character; Marge, the steady and sensible wife; Lisa, the genius but ever … In the subplot, Moe renovates his tavern, turning it into a family restaurant called 'Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag'. Finding details about this missing episode is difficult, no one who was working on the show at the time likes to talk about it. NASA’s ratings as well as their funding is going down the toilet, so they decide to find the everyman to send up into space to get more viewers. “Double, Double Boy in Trouble” is my least-favorite Simpsons episode. Bart dreams that all the kids of Springfield are rowing with their souls, while he is left out. What about Barts Comet? Commentary: When it first aired 30 years ago, The Simpsons was groundbreaking … Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on … This is the one where: Santa's Little Helper runs away after his expensive operation puts a financial strain on the Simpson family. This is the one where: Flanders opens a shop for left-handed people and Homer spends the whole episode hoping it fails.. Bart propositions Ralph after a friendly introduction, telling him, We just lost our a Pentecostal ska band. Most tearjerking moment: After Homer's had the crayon re-inserted to become "dumb" again, Lisa's crushed. Alone Alone Natura Flanders. Bart a d Lisa try to cover up Martin's death. This can happen with a show that's been on the air this long. Meanwhile, Homer founds his own Internet company. After this transaction, strange things begin happening to Bart. Yours!" It's night time, and Chief Wiggum has left Ralph by himself in a squad car while he talks some sense into a derelict. are stranded on an island and are forced to work together. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. -D. The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson is a very sad and dark episode it really is uncomfortable in every way from the beginning where Homer and Marge are very adminmant that Bart deserves to be punished and for the students at the military school to be mean spirited to Bart and Lisa was just plain awful,given it was the last golden age episode and any episode done after season 9 was more considered wacky and less meaningful storyline’s and characters becoming more mellowed if an episode was done now in today’s Simpson’s and Bart was punished the Simpson’s family and other characters would make a big joke out of it and see the more humorous side of it it and Bart would be like whatever so what,but yeah it was a bad episode and a shocking way to end the shows golden age. This is got to build up a lot of good jokes, and it does. This is the one where: Bart and Lisa try to reconcile Krusty the Clown with his father, Rabbi Krustofsky, who disapproves of Krusty's career. Most tearjerking moment: Either when Marge refuses to tuck Bart into bed at night, or this final scene, where Bart buys his mom a touching Christmas gift. A beautiful wife! That's what made it dark, and then the darkest part of the episode was when Bart decided to commit suicide. Most tearjerking moment: To feed three children, Homer literally crawls back to his old despised job at the nuclear plant. However, "smart" Homer leaves a touching note with the message above. The level of passive-aggression that Marge displays here is chilling just to think about. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. A. son who owns a factory! "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly" is the seventeenth episode of the twentieth season of the animated television series The Simpsons, and the 437th episode overall. Most tearjerking moment: When Bart begins crying while praying for God to give him back his soul, and Lisa saves the day. When Bart comes home to see the rest of his family making snowmen, and asks why they didn't wait for him, Marge replies ". Frank Grimes was abandoned by his family, and copped the full brunt of a silo explosion. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Even though Denny Duquette wasn’t a huge character on Grey’s Anatomy, his death was so sad, not to mention the few episodes following his death. And there are some other dark moments, like when Lisa says grace at Uncle Moe's, praying for everyone's soul except Bart's, of course. I think this episode works so well at unsettling us because it's not as though any of us, Top 15 Episodes of The Simpsons, According to Me. I find the boys of bummer really dark too, I'd put the Season 19 episode "Dial N for Nerder" here. It's not like Bart is going to grow up in a phase as a sociopath through the horrific implications of feeling unloved by his mom. It was a nightmare and kids were yelling for help, sent letters, while... Homer and Marge IGNORED THEIR PLEAS AND LAUGHED THEM OFF... :O Left me traumatised as a child. He didn't burn a puppy to death or drive the family car off a cliff. The results are Barney and Homer, resulting in every … Sep 7, 2018 - Explore ~kash~'s board "Sad simpsons", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. Lisa is Sad i.e. The Mysterious Voyage of Homer. Bart Sells his Soul 1. 4. The Simpsons at 30: One big mistake cost the show its laughs. Bart gets sent to a military academy as punishment for bad behaviour. The rowboat nightmare sequence (pictured above). In the episode, Bart sets up Milhouse to take the fall for a prank the two of them pulled, and the duo's friendship becomes strained when Bart falls for a charitable girl named … Let us know your picks for the best Simpsons episodes of all time in the comments section below. Lisa Has An Ethical Dilemma i.e. Bart begging a helpless Ralph Wiggum for his soul. And the exclamation point on this sad episode (yes, it IS sad, despite the laughs) is Grimes' death. The Top Ten Dark Episodes of Simpsons are: 10. Uh, I know it's not the same but...", * A song from Rachel's band plays over the end credits, with the lyrics: ", It's a show about Ned / About him losin' his sweet wife / She landed on her head / But now it's time to get on with his life.". FOX. Cape Feare 5. “The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly” 3. 1. That was pretty dark when Homer and the towns people decided Flanders should die, especially with Homers salty and clearly unsympathetic "I'm very sorry" to Neds children. Lisa's sad experience … This is the one where: Homer eats a poisonous fish and believes he only has twenty-two hours left to live. Most tearjerking moment: Before saying goodbye, Mr. Bergstrom hands Lisa a note, saying that if she ever feels alone and in need of comfort, the note will be all she needs. In the subplot, Bart buys a dilapidated factory for a dollar at an auction. This is the one where: Bart, believing that there is no such thing as a soul, sells his to Milhouse for five dollars. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! The radio sing was similar to Cape Feare, and Bart insanity similar to Homer's Enemy. Reporting on what you care about. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 19, 2009. Grimes is not inherently spiteful (he saves Homer's life when he's about to drink sulfuric acid); he's merely envious, and he has the right to be. ... (“Lisa’s bad dancing makes my feet sad”) steal the show with too many quote-worthy lines to list. This is the one where: Grandpa falls in love with a wealthy woman at his retirement home, but she dies suddenly, leaving Grandpa a large amount of money in her will. He becomes a man possessed, mimicking Homer Simpson, and virtually. It is a natural trait of the intellectual to marvel in, at the antics of the stupid. His straight man characteristics have waned and ebbed over the years (at times becoming just as silly as the rest of the world around him), but he's always been one of the few figures of authority in Springfield who seems to take their position within the town seriously. Grimes lives between two bowling alleys, while Homer has ", Everything! I almost want to apologize to season 19. It's similar to Frank Grimes situation, when Bart starts to paint "I hate Bart Simpson". Homer's Enemy 2. Where the have been flashes of the future in various episodes (such as Bart becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Season 4's "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"), this will breakdown the full-length episodes that attempted to ask what happens to the Simpsons family down the line. Superintendent Chalmers is typically held up as a straight man in the bizarre world of The Simpsons.

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